Green Plants Institute of Agriculture research & Development
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Welcome to Green Plants Institute of Agriculture

Green Plants Institute of Agriculture has established and developed all its operations to achieve high academic standards and to provide quality and value based education in order to prepare students to face global challenges in agriculture education and respective studies. The Management has 5 years of rich experience in running the reputed educational institutions with a motto of imparting education strengthened by immense quality.

The prime objective of Green Plants Institute of Agriculture is to update and modernize the quality of professional education. Its aim is to employ innovative teaching methods which carry an emphasis on fast changing technological trends. Equipped with the facilities of International Standard and the faculty with unshakable commitment to provide quality education, these Institutes have been marching forward to set new standards in the field of agriculture education.


  • To provide extension services to farmers.
  • To provide competitive diploma and graduates to the society.
  • To carry out the research on fundamental and applied aspects.
  • To provide qualitative education in the areas of agriculture.
  • To develop overall personality of the students during their diploma, graduates in agriculture and agri-business management.
  • To provide competitive diploma, graduates in agri-business management.